Demystifying Machine Learning: A step by step introduction

Machine Learning is perceived by many as something that is hard to grasp and difficult to learn. In this workshop, we will try to provide a step by step and intuitive guide to what Machine Learning is, and how it works.

Notebook 1: Introduction - What is Machine Learning Anyway?
Notebook 2: Automatic Learning - Introduction to gradient descent
Notebook 3: A little inspiration from the human brain: Neurons, Artificial Neurons and Artificial Neural Networks
Notebook 4: Let's get visual - Training an image classifier using MLP
Notebook 5: It ain't convoluted - An introduction to convolutions and convolutional neural networks
Notebook 6: Putting it all together - Training a deep CNN for image classification

About The Speaker:
Varun Chatterji is a Computer Science (Hons) graduate and an alumnus of the NUS School of Computing. After graduating from NUS, Varun, co-founded tenCube, a pioneering company in the field of Mobile Security, in 2005.Since the acquisition of tenCube in 2010 by McAfee/Intel, Varun has been involved with several startups and most recently Seventh Sense Artificial Intelligence - a startup focused on Deep Learning/AI based Computer Vision and based at Blk71 Singapore.As a co-founder of Seventh Sense - Varun has spent the last two years working on building Deep Learning based Computer Vision technology for Low-Power, High-Efficiency solutions at the edge.

Assistant Instructor:
Adrian Yijie Xu is a PhD student at University College London, where he works with energy storage materials. Passionate about deep learning, his interest revolves around image augmentation and multidisciplinary applications. He also serves as author and editor of GradientCrescent, a deep learning publication on Medium.

6:30 pm -7:15 pm Food & Drinks (sponsored by Seventh Sense)
7:15 pm -9:00 pm Workshop
9:00 pm- 9:15 pm Q&A
9:15 pm - 9:30 pm Closing & Mingling

Prerequisites and intended audience:
The code and samples provided are in Python. Basic familiarity with Python and nd Numpy arrays is assumed. We do not intend to dive deep into the mathematics. You are encouraged to attend even if you do not have a mathematical background as long as you are familiar with Numpy and Python.

(Pls bring your own laptop!)

About Seventh Sense
Seventh Sense is an AI/ML company which is at the forefront of the edge trend for computer vision. Embracing both hardware and software, SSAI envisions AI models optimised for low powered, embedded, edge silicon devices. Seventh Sense' proposition will enable ubiquitous and secure AI everywhere.
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Tue May 14, 2019
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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